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Risk assessment in the travel health consultation: an introduction



A short E-learning module designed for health professionals who are new to undertaking risk assessment in the travel health consultation. During this interactive learning experience, the health professional is guided through a number of different scenarios in which the variables of individual travellers and their itinerary are considered. The use of a real-time UK based travel health resource, TravelHealthPro is encouraged throughout.

This is a separate course from yellow fever (YF) training. If you're a health professional based at a registered Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre (YFVC) and trying to renew YF training, go back to Training Courses tab and select YF training course (either YF e-learning or classroom training). For prospective new Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre (YFVC) please book classroom training.

IT System Requirements

  • Adobe flash player (software) is required on your PC or laptop, click here to download now.
  • The course content is not available from Mac devices (PC, laptop, iPad, iPhone), android phones and tablets.
  • TravelHealthPro and the NaTHNaC Training Portal are optimised for modern browsers. For optimum performance of this website you should update to the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox.
  • You will be shown a demo of the NaTHNaC website TravelHealthPro. You may find it helpful to have this website open in another window throughout this training.

Learning Outcomes

After completing the online module, you should:

  • Know the core information that you need to gather during the pre-travel consultation to inform your risk assessment. 
  • Be able to locate resources and use them appropriately to support your risk assessment.
  • Be able to recognise situation where specialist advice should be sought.
  • Understand how effective risk assessment provides an important background to meaningful 'risk management' (risk management is not covered in this module).

Useful resources 

A section showing useful resources is available at the end of the course.

Evaluation and completion certificate

There is no test at the end of this short course. Once the module is completed you will be directed to a short evaluation survey. We really appreciate your feedback on this module to help us plan future development. Once the survey has been completed, you will be able to download your training completion certificate.


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