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Yellow Fever E-Learning



IMPORTANT NOTICE – 22 November 2019

The Commission on Human Measures (CHM) recommends strengthened measures to minimise potential risk of rare but serious and fatal vaccine associated adverse events in those with weakened immune systems, those aged 60 years or older and anyone who has had their thymus removed for any reason.

The e-learning content will be updated in due course; now please read the joint letter from MHRA, PHE, HPS and NaTHNaC for further detail.

Module Information

An interactive learning experience which addresses the epidemiology of yellow fever (YF), International Health Regulations (IHR) and the vaccine. The health professional is encouraged to work through a number of travel scenarios which illustrate some of the challenges relating to yellow fever risk assessment. This includes a short test consisting of a series of multiple choice questions which are related to the learning outcomes of this course.

Online training is not accepted for prospective new Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre (YFVC) unless the centre can provide evidence of previous YF classroom training. If you are a health facility applying to be a YFVC for the first time, please book classroom training. Please read Training Special Conditions before purchasing training course. Training payment is non-refundable.

Choose this option if you:

  • Have undertaken previous NaTHNaC YF Training (Classroom or previous YF E-Learning).
  • Work in a Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre (YFVC) where one or more health professionals have undertaken classroom training as part of the training requirement under the Conditions of Designation and you wish to undertake training too (recommended).

Payment & Enrolment Process

  1. Log in (top right hand corner). If renewing training, the username is your email address but you need to create new password.
  2. Click on 'Buy this course' tab. Checkout the basket and process the online card payment.
  3. Locate enrolment under 'Your Courses' in MENU. But if the e-learning module is missing, see 'Manage Course Licence' menu option and enrol either Self or colleague - if you cannot see this option, speak to your Admin Lead booker.

IT System Requirements

  • You will be linked to the NaTHNaC website throughout where you will find information to help you as you work through the scenarios given during this training.
  • Adobe flash player (software) is required on your PC or laptop, click here to download now. Otherwise a blank or grey screen appears when you click on course and test module. Please be aware, you may be required to update the flash player every time you log on the portal.
  • The course content and test is not available from Apple devices (Mac, iPad, iPhone), android phones and tablets.
  • TravelHealthPro and the NaTHNaC Training Portal are optimised for modern browsers. For optimum performance of this website you should update to the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox.

Learning Outcomes

After completing the pre-course reading (mandatory), the online modules and completion test for this course, you should be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the yellow fever (YF) disease, risk areas and mode of transmission.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of YF vaccination certificate requirements and YF vaccination recommendation for travellers.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the safe use and storage of YF vaccine.

Specific learning outcomes for each module are also listed in the slides for each section.

Completion Test

  • You will need to complete 15 questions selected randomly from a question bank.
  • The question numbers may not appear in the correct order.
  • You have unlimited attempts to successfully complete the course within an enrolment period.
  • Once successfully completed, this training is valid for two years from test completion date.
  • The training completion test requires knowledge of the Conditions of Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre (YFVC) Designation, the YFVC Code of Practice and the International Health Regulations (IHRs).
  • The estimated time for completing the 3 online modules and test is 2hrs.
  • A personal certificate of completion will be generated when the pass mark is achieved. This certificate belongs to the person who completes the test.
  • You will also find below the ‘essential’ and ‘useful’ pre-course reading which must be completed before training certificate can be produced.

Further information can be found here