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Yellow fever e-learning alone

Choose this option if you:

  • Have undertaken previous NaTHNaC Yellow Fever (YF) training (classroom or previous YF e-learning).
  • Work in a Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre (YFVC) where one or more health professionals have undertaken classroom training as part of the training requirement under the Conditions of Designation and you wish to undertake training without a Virtual Classroom (VC) component [note: for new YFVC, e-learning followed by VC workshop is required and/or those new to YF the option with VC is recommended].   

About this option

An interactive learning experience which will update and/or refresh your knowledge and understanding of the epidemiology of YF, International Health Regulations (IHR) and the vaccine. You will work through travel health scenarios which illustrate some of the challenges relating to YF risk assessment. There is a mandatory short test which must be successfully completed consisting of a series of multiple choice questions which are related to the learning outcomes of this course.

Learning Outcomes: e-learning

E-learning (estimated 90 minutes to complete) - time to complete can be used as CPD hours. After completing the online e-learning modules you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the YF disease, risk areas and mode of transmission.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of YF vaccination certificate requirements and YF vaccination recommendation for travellers.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the safe use and storage of YF vaccine.

Specific learning outcomes for each module are given within the e-learning training.

About the completion test

At the end of the e-learning:

  • You are required to complete 16 questions selected randomly from a question bank.
  • You have unlimited attempts to successfully complete the test within an enrolment period of 28 days (note: progress is not saved within modules or test).
  • A personal certificate of completion will be generated when the pass mark is achieved. This certificate belongs to the person who completes the test, and is valid for 2 years.
  • Please refer to Conditions of Designation for training requirements related to designated YFVC.

IT System Requirements

  • You will need an internet connection (2Mbs or above recommended) and there is sound on the videos (or you can use the subtitles - click on the small CC symbol bottom right of the videos).
  • TravelHealthPro and the NaTHNaC Training Portal are optimised for modern browsers. For optimum performance of this website you should update to the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge.

IS THIS THE RIGHT OPTION FOR YOU? Please check this is your preferred training option before you continue. Another option, YF e-learning followed by Virtual Classroom workshop is available [required for new YFVC but open to others too]. Details on the Training Courses tab.

Progress to the payment & enrolment process

  1. If you are linked to a designated YFVC, an Admin Lead at your centre (this person may also be based at your head office if you are linked to a larger chain of clinics) has the ability to purchase the course for you. If you do not know who your Admin Lead is, please email us at uclh.nathnac@nhs.net. It is important to go through your Admin Lead to ensure your training is registered to your centre. Your Admin Lead will have instructions on how to use the training portal.
  2. Once the course has been purchased for you, you will receive an email stating your email address username and instructions on how to set up a password.
  3. If you have completed yellow fever e-learning previously and the course has been purchased for you, you should already have a username email address and password. Log in (top right hand corner) but if you can't remember your password, click on the 'Forgot your password or create a new one' link.
  4. If you are an independent health care professional (not associated with a particular clinic), click on the 'Buy this course' button. Checkout the basket and process the online card payment (non-refundable). See Card Order tab for purchased item(s) and check your email account (incl. spam folder) for the Sagepay email receipt.
  5. Once logged in, click on 'Your Courses' MENU option and click on module. If the course enrolment is missing:
    • If you're the Admin Lead, see 'Manage Course Licence' option located on MENU and enrol either Self or Trainee (meaning other colleague).
    • If your Admin Lead purchased the training, please contact your colleague to activate your course enrolment.
  6. Once enrolled, you should see links below. Complete in this order:
    • MANDATORY: Code of Practice.You must click on the code of practice link to ensure a green tick appears for that section.
    • Yellow Fever e-learning Course and Test. Click on this to start the course which opens on a new browser page.

The training certificate can only be produced if a green tick appears for BOTH of these sections.