Training Special Conditions


These special conditions govern your training selection confirmation. By selecting classroom or online training, the person(s) that will complete training accepts these special conditions even if not all these special conditions are applicable to their individual training requirement. 

If any of the special conditions cannot be accepted, you are advised not to proceed with the booking which may affect the YFVC designation status.

Trainee Status

  • Person(s) completing training is a doctor/nurse/pharmacist registered with a professional body and his or her registration is current and unrestricted (no ongoing investigations pending, warning or suspension). However, this condition is not applicable to British Armed Forces personnel (home and abroad) and person(s) completing the course for academic, personal or research purposes.
  • If person(s) completing training is not a doctor (GMC registered)/nurse/pharmacist or British Armed Forces personnel (home and abroad) cannot be authorised to administer YF vaccines in England, Wales and Northern Ireland (EWNI).


  • Person(s) completing training on behalf of a centre applying to become a Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre (YFVC) in EWNI is aware that successful completion does not automatically grant YFVC designation status or authorise YF vaccination at the centre or anywhere else that is not a YFVC.
  • Person(s) that successfully complete training independently (including self employed occupational health, locum and agency doctor/nurse/pharmacist) can only administer YF vaccine(s) at designated YFVCs in EWNI.  
  • This is not applicable to person(s) completing the course for academic, personal or research purposes.


  • Person(s) completing classroom training is new to YF vaccination, completing the training on behalf of a YFVC in EWNI and did not receive in‐house NaTHNaC YF training provided by someone with valid NaTHNaC YF training. However, classroom training can be completed if in‐house NaTHNaC YF training is insufficient for whatever reason(s).
  • Person(s) completing the online training is required to renew YFVC training or update their personal knowledge to meet NaTHNaC designation standards in accordance with the YFVC Code of Practice.

Outside NaTHNaC’s Remit

  • Person(s) completing the course to administer YF vaccines outside EWNI must check with the national or local health authority managing YF vaccination/YFVCs in the relevant country.


  • Certificates awarded after successful completion of training do not confirm trainee’s fitness to practice. These certify successful completion of training only.
  • Successfully completing classroom and/or online training does not confer any rights on these person(s) to operate as a designated YFVC. YF training is only one requirement in the process towards designated status of YFVCs in EWNI.

Training Fee

  • The training fee is reviewed periodically and subject to change at any time. Applicants may be required to pay the additional fee (difference) if applicable.
  • Payment is non-refundable. It is the responsibility of the booker/trainee to avoid duplicated payment and booking.
  • Upon training course completion, the payment fee cannot be refunded or transferred to another person.

Training Booking*  

  • Classroom places cannot be reserved or booked provisionally. Course booking will require online card payment only via the NaTHNaC Training Portal.
  • If the Admin Lead (who may not be the same person completing the course) is to process training booking(s).  Upon receipt of valid booking and payment email confirmation for training, the Admin Lead is required to complete trainee(s) enrolment via the 'Manage Course Licence' MENU option. Separate payment,  email address username, training portal account and enrolment per trainee.
  • Trainee enrolment is valid for 28 days after which training booking, training course slides, test modules and payment will expire and is non‐refundable.
  • On confirmation of classroom training booking (via training portal account and email) and attendance confirmation at classroom training day thereafter, trainees will be automatically enrolled to complete the online test. Trainee enrolment is valid for 28 days. Training booking and payment will expire and is non‐refundable once a classroom training date has passed.
  • Training fee may be applied to a different trainee from the same YFVC or centre if NaTHNaC is given sufficient notice (at least 1 day) before the classroom training date.
  • Once enrolled, unique trainee login details will be issued (sent to trainee via email) and the course cannot be cancelled and the training fee is non‐refundable. These are valid for 28 days from enrolment.  
  • Enrolment and completion of the course must occur within the specified validity periods. Failure to do so will incur further fees.
  • A new booking (including payment) will be required if trainees did not attend/complete or failed course(s).
  • A new booking (including payment) will be required if a course is cancelled or a request to change a course is received after enrolment.
  • Trainees who attend classroom training day without a prior booking (no payment made or booking confirmation received from NaTHNaC) will be charged for the cost of the training and an additional administration fee of £250 (fee reviewed periodically).

*Discretion will be used if any of the above circumstances are beyond your control. NaTHNaC will make decisions on a case by case basis.

Availability of Training

  • We will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that the training is available at the times and dates specified in the course descriptions.
  • If a classroom training day is cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control then trainees will be booked on to an alternative course at no additional cost. However we will not be liable for any additional costs such as travel, hotel bookings etc.
  • If the online training should become unavailable then trainees should contact us. In those circumstances we will extend validity periods for access (for a reasonable period) if necessary at no further costs.


  • We will not share your information with third parties.  Please view our Privacy Policy for further details.