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IMPORTANT NOTICE – 22 November 2019
The Commission on Human Measures (CHM) recommends strengthened measures to minimise potential risk of rare but serious and fatal vaccine associated adverse events in those with weakened immune systems, those aged 60 years or older and anyone who has had their thymus removed for any reason.
The e-learning content will be updated in due course, please proceed for further information...
A full day of study where you will be introduced to the epidemiology of yellow fever (YF), International Health Regulations (IHR), YF vaccine and risk assessment of the traveller visiting areas where YF vaccination is either recommended for personal protection, required to comply with IHR, or both.
Every delegate who undertakes the Yellow Fever Classroom Training must successfully complete the training test within 28 days of being registered. Delegates are automatically registered on this module after attendance of the classroom training. The delegate will receive a notification when this is done. This short test consists of a series of multiple choice questions which are directly related to the learning outcomes of the training undertaken.
A short elearning module designed for health professionals who are new to undertaking risk assessment in the travel health consultation. During this interactive learning experience, the health professional is guided through a number of different scenarios in which the variables of individual travellers and their itinerary are considered. The use of a real-time UK based travel health resource, TravelHealthPro is encouraged throughout.