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All health professionals responsible for advising on or administering yellow fever vaccine are required to undertake YF eLearning in England, Wales and Northern Ireland (see Conditions of Designation).

This option is for update training [see YF eLearning with Virtual Classroom workshop if you would prefer eLearning followed by a Virtual Classroom for your update training].

For new YFVC and those new to YF please go to YF eLearning followed by Virtual Classroom workshop.
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e-learning with VA
This training option is required for all new YFVC and recommended for health professionals new to yellow fever.
You may also consider this an option for update training (see also yellow fever eLearning alone).

If you wish to set up a new YFVC you must first register with NaTHNaC on our Yellow Fever Zone (see Become a YFVC) before purchasing training.

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An eLearning course for health professionals, either new to travel health consultations, but wishing to undertake a refresher, or those returning to work in travel health (travel medicine). This is not part of the yellow fever programme
Jointly developed by the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and the National Travel Health Network and Centre (NaTHNaC). Aims to equip new and experienced practitioners with knowledge, skills and competencies in travel health. Open to registered doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and travel and expedition health professionals who wish to further develop their travel risk assessment and problem-solving skills in clinical practice.
HTD & NaTHNaC Travel Medicine Course for UK Infection Trainees is an online, blended learning course which aims to meet the training requirements and spark an interest in this often-neglected sub-specialty.